It was in 1984 when my journey has begun. My life happens on a blue-green globe in the midst of deep black infinity. “Life” can be a fascinating feeling. The pure feeling of breathing for example  – to feel air pouring into your lungs – can be a wonderful moment. I am happy about the fact that there is so much to see and so much to learn out there. Particularly I like the thought that we are so many. We call us “human beings”. And no one equals the other one.

I am here to enjoy and feel life as deeply as possible. I want explore life and my ways to happiness and freedom to the full extent possible. This takes me to deeply hearted engage for social change in order to assure that I’m enabled to enjoy and explore life as well tomorrow.

In the society of human beings I am a computer engineer. Okay, let’s say a part of me is. I quit my job in January 2017 after five years in the satellite and automobile industry and switched to consult organizations to improve in integrality ( = inner coherence).

As mentioned above, a huge part of my heart is with the wealth of this planet Earth, as we call it. Earth is so incredibly fascinating that I am sad about how our species treats it. And about the way we sometimes treat each other, especially that our(!) economic and social systems don’t function for everybody, yet.
That is why I am intent to change that situation into something better. To join the debates. To think. To suggest solutions. To transform society.
Hence, one of my most important projects in the past was the Global Society Blog. Today, I intent to bring the vision of this work to organizations worldwide by inviting others to join the foundation of a new NGO which is called Connected Awareness. However, even my job is now part of my contribution to change.

Apart of that I sometimes enjoy to create movies and photos, graphics and drawings. Choirs and orchestras supply me with goosebumbs moments. Of course I prefer to sing and play with them. I write poems, too. I like simplicity, elegance and esthetics as long as they aren’t affected. Because openness is more important than masks worn much too often in our society predicting to be something else.

However, some silhouettes of my journey can be found on this virtual place of sharing. Hopefully, you’ll find something that pleases, inspires or supports you.

By the way, I hope to translate some of my articles into the English language. If this the case, this part is marked with a Union Jack.



June 20 2017


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