My unaware privileges downgrade my efficiency & the quality of my work

F*ck, it has happened again! Meeting with a female colleague of mine it turned out afterwards that I was leading and facilitating our collaboration. Without agreement. Automatically. It’s because of the invisible privilege layers that separate us. Here, primarily male privilege. I tend to take more space than e.g. my female colleagues while they tend […]

I donated.

… 20€ to Wikipedia because a) I use it regularly to inform myself about everything, even detailed explanations if available. Wikipedia is always my starting point for research. b) I am sure, that the free flow of information and education is an hyper important basis for a peaceful society worldwide. (We described why it is […]


Heute war es wieder soweit. Wie schon bei den BubbleBees hatte ich das große Glück, ein Logo entwerfen zu dürfen. Eine kleine Gruppe von Schülern, die gerade dabei ist, ein T-Shirt zu entwickeln, bat mich, das eigens entworfene Logo digital umzusetzen. Auch sie hatten eine Vorlage vorbereitet, an der ich mich wunderbar orientieren konnte. Diesen […]